How do I crack the SBI PO exam? Most important tips

SBI conducts a competitive exam every year based on the vacancies available in its partner institutes. The exam is conducted to fulfill the posts of probationary officers and management trainees. Banking aspirants who want o secure a job in the banking sector appear for this exam from different parts of the world. A large number of aspirants appear for the exam because they know that entering into the banking sector will help them to achieve their goals and aims in life. To clear the SBI PO exam candidates have to start doing hard work and choose the right steps. If candidates use the right plans and strategies, they can clear the exam on the first attempt. Before applying for the exam, candidates must check their SBI PO eligibility by visiting their official website. A few tips are given here that can help aspiring candidates crack the SBI PO exam on the first attempt.

Knowing the exam pattern and syllabus

Every exam has a specific pattern and decided syllabus. Candidates must get acquainted with the exam pattern and syllabus to start preparing for the exam. They should know about the different phases of the exam, the time duration for every phase, the different subjects that needed to be covered, cut off required for each section, negative marking, and other such important guidelines. This will help candidates to get a clear overview of the exam. 

Effective study plan

Candidates should make an effective study plan at their convenience. A single plan will not suit every candidate. How much time should be spent on each subject will depend on every candidate’s comfort level? Candidates must cover the basics of every subject first and then move to the complex areas. Candidates should practice regularly from previous year’s question papers and they should revise each topic properly. 


Reading is important to crack the SBI PO exam. Candidates must spare some time for reading newspapers and magazines every day. It will help to improve their English language and comprehension. It will also help to improve their vocabulary skills and will help them to score good marks in the English section of the exam. Reading newspapers and magazines will also help to improve their general awareness. Candidates should focus on the reading of economical changes, news related to business, current affairs, and banking. This will also help them to appear confidently for the interview phase. 

Regular practice through sectional and mock tests

Candidates have to maintain proper speed and accuracy to ace the SBI PO exam. Practicing mock tests will help candidates to improve their speed and accuracy. Candidates should practice sectional tests of all subjects and after covering all topics they should start giving a full-length test to analyze their preparation for the exam. Regular practice through mock tests will also help to boost up the confidence of candidates and will help them to find easy strategies for solving questions. The main motive of practicing mock tests is to identify the weak areas and focus more on the weak areas. 

Practice for prelims and mains exam side by side

Sometimes candidates only prepare for the prelims exam. The syllabus for prelims and mains is almost the same but in the mains, exam candidates have to focus on additional subjects. Candidates should try to prepare for both prelims and mains exams side by side. This will help to enhance more knowledge. There is little time available for the mains exam because the mains exam is conducted after 20-25 days of the prelims. Therefore, it is better to prepare for both exams side by side because enough time is not available later to prepare for the mains exam. 

Clear the concepts

Candidates should clear all basic concepts. Candidates need to memorize different facts, details, and rules for doing general awareness, computer aptitude, and the English language. For answering questions of reasoning ability and quantitative aptitude candidates have to understand the meanings and concepts of different topics. Therefore, understanding the main concepts for each subject and section is important to clear the exam. 

Make short notes

Making short notes is an important step for achieving success in the SBI PO exam. Making short notes are useful for giving a final revision before the exam. Candidates can write important formulas, rules, and other important points in a notebook and can use them to revise before the exam. Writing formulas and rules in a notebook will also help candidates to memorize them properly. 

Practice sample papers

 Candidates should practice sample papers and they should go through example questions available online. This will help candidates to know the type of questions that are asked in the exam. In the SBI PO exam, some questions have to be solved with common intelligence. Therefore, candidates must know which questions they need to use common intelligence and which questions need the application of formulas. Some questions are based on critical thinking and practicing sample papers will help candidates to use different strategies for solving different types of questions asked in the exam. 

Time management

 Every phase of the SBI PO exam is time-bound. Candidates will get a specific time for finishing their exam. Therefore, it is challenging for some candidates to finish their exam in the specified time. Candidates should manage time by doing practice. Doing regular practice with mock tests will help candidates to manage their time and finish their exams on time. Time is allotted to each section of the exam and candidates have to follow the time allotted for each section to score qualifying marks in each subject. Candidates should avoid spending too much time on one section as it will impact their performance in the other sections. 

In the end, candidates should stay calm while preparing for the SBI PO exam. Most times, candidates feel stress as the exam date approaches. They start feeling anxious and this will impact their performance in the exam. Therefore, candidates should remain confident and do not feel pressured. They can attempt the exam properly if they remain calm and this will help them to reach their goal.