How Can a Personal Injury Attorney in Miami Help Accident Victims?

Personal injuries due to accidents bring a lot of chaos and miseries. It’s hard for families to deal with monetary strains that come as baggage in the aftermath of the accidents. Although almost everybody in Florida has personal injury protection, there are still problems:

  • Insurance companies aren’t willing to pay. 
  • PIP pays just 60% of what you lose at work and 80% of whatever medical bills you incur. 
  • PIP has a limit of 10 thousand dollars only. If your monetary damage is more than that, PIP will not cover more than that. 

And these problems are serious. Medical treatments can be extremely expensive and having to pay them with your pocket can rob away all your savings, with no guarantee that that’ll be enough. Needless to say, your insurance company and the insurance company of the person who has put you through such misery are legally liable to pay you. Since they’re liable doesn’t mean they want to pay. It’s the opposite that’s true. 

Insurers will try with all their might to pay you as little as possible. They adopt all sorts of tricks to do so:

  1. They will coax you into accepting little money very early on since they know you need money and that might push you into accepting whatever comes your way. 
  2. Their team of lawyers might try to find loopholes in your case. They will then use those loopholes to scare you that if you don’t accept the money they’re offering, you might get nothing later on. 
  3. They will engage you into many questions that might sound harmless. But, they will use those statements against you if you plan to take the case of rightful settlement to court. 

These are a few reasons that you need an experienced personal injury attorney in Miami to handle your case. Instead of dealing with insurers on your own (you won’t know the legal technicalities), when you have a lawyer to handle your case and speak on your behalf, the insurers will not be able to fool you or threaten you. 

Your lawyer will not only keep insurers of the guilty party from hounding you or fooling you, they will also simultaneously collect proof that you were innocent and the accident wasn’t your fault. They will collect evidence in the form of CCTV videos from the accident site, record the statement of eyewitnesses and the emergency medical team that tended you the first, and much more. 

When you have the support of compassionate law firms such as Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, you will not have to worry about anything. So, call them today so that you can have a better tomorrow.