Home Fitness : A New Global Trend in 2022

If you have a subscription at your local fitness centre, you have probably noticed dwindling numbers, as more people invest in fitness equipment for home use and there are a few reasons for this. Perhaps the biggest reason for the rise of home fitness was the arrival of Covid-19, which led to multiple lockdowns and gyms were ordered to close. People who wanted to maintain a high level of fitness were forced to work out at home, add to that the cutting-edge tech used in this generation of fitness machines and equipment and you have an attractive proposition to create your own gym at home.

Affordable Fitness Equipment

Take the Johnson Horizon Treadmill Evolve 3.0 from a leading Thai supplier as a classic example, this small treadmill is ideal for home fitness if you live in an apartment. Bluetooth solutions allow you to connect to your health & fitness apps and the easy-to-read LED display panel makes things so easy. There are 12 exercise programs with various settings and you can order this unit online from a leading Thai company at wholesale prices.

Customised Home Fitness Solutions

As there are single unit pieces of fitness equipment that cover a wide range of exercises, you don’t have to invest in a lot of equipment; 3 or maybe 4 items will give you comprehensive fitness solutions that are tailored to suit you. The supplier is very experienced at helping clients custom design home gyms and once you give them the room dimensions, they can give you a few ideas. You can start with a single item, such as a treadmill, then an exercise bike and for a few thousand baht, you can get a set of interchangeable dumbbells. Here are a few great tips to help prevent training injuries.

Mirrored Wall

The ideal set up for a home gym is to have one wall mirrored, which is quite easy with mirror tiles, so you can watch yourself going through the various exercises that make up your routine. It does make a difference to see yourself working out; you can cut out any lateral unnecessary movement and focus only on the target muscles.

Convenience & Safety

These are two of the main reasons that people are working out at home; the convenience factor saves you a lot of time, you no longer have to drive to the gym to work out and that alone is a very good reason to create a gym at home. Safety is another factor; no one wishes to catch Covid and during the lockdown periods, many fitness fanatics decided to invest in fitness equipment, rather than take the risk of infection and who could blame them?

If you would like to view the top range of fitness equipment, start with a Google search to find a leading Thai manufacturer and browse their product range. Once installed, you have no excuse for not keeping up with your fitness program.