Fun Tips To Have A Country-Style Rustic Wedding

Having a wedding you have always wanted is something of a dream come true. If you like a completely rustic country style, there are ways you can make it happen on your big day. Such a wedding can be very romantic, beautiful and give you all the feels. The theme is a pretty popular one and there are lots of ideas around about how to make it happen.

Here are some great tips you can use for your perfect country-styled rustic wedding.

Get Rustic with the Wedding Invitations

The first thing you can consider is getting rustic wedding invites. The idea is to choose something that projects a cosy atmosphere and feelings of warmth. Barns and countryside meadows are a few things that crop to mind when one thinks of ‘’country’’. Browns, beiges, and light pastel hues are the colours you will do well with. The font should be charming and old-style.

With a firm like Pietra Paper Design, you can get a beautiful country-styled wedding invite at a reasonable price.

Choose a Naked Wedding Cake

This is a popular cake for couples who want a more rustic event. It is a lovely wedding cake but with less frosting and the sides scraped off to create a more simple and on-trend look. It can be delicious and look fantastic in the country backdrop you are considering.

Use a Lot of Wood

Another beautiful way to incorporate more ‘’country’’ on your wedding day is to use more wood accents. There are many ways to do so including using logs as table decorations and even on the walls of the venue you are hiring. Many couples use logs of wood-cut in a variety of different shapes all across the venue for the appearance they create.

A Barn Wedding

The easiest way to have a rustic-themed wedding is to do it in a barn. It gives off all the country vibes couples want and it is easy and inexpensive to hire one. The countryside is full of barns and you will pretty much find one easily no matter where you are located.

The good thing about a barn is also that you can dress it up in any way you want to and incorporate all the little things that make your big day unique and special.

Get a Pickup Truck

People choose so many expensive cars for their wedding transportation. A pickup truck can be just the thing you need for your country theme. Get a vintage one as a wedding decoration or actually use it as wedding transportation for the ‘’wow’’ factor. It is such an inexpensive way to add more fun to the day.

Rustic Flowers

Instead of the overly ‘’perfect’’ flowers most brides choose, use a rustic flower arrangement that is special to you and fits with the theme. Use local flowers that are in season and have your florist do them up in a simple manner. 


This is such a simple way to ramp up a wedding, especially if you are having the ceremony in the evening or at night. Bonfires don’t take much to happen and they are a beautiful way to light up the area where your guests will be sitting. They can give the venue a dreamy and old-world charm that cannot be replicated by electrical light fixtures.

Also, candles all the way!

Casual Dress Code

Another point you might want to choose is to expect your guests to dress casually. It is what country-style is mostly like and your guests will also have a lot more fun this way. Gowns and tuxedos are just not going to cut it in a barn.

For your dress, choosing a more lightweight and breathable dress that lets you have fun on your wedding day is a smart move. The idea is to have an ultimate laid-back look all around.

Country-Style Cooking

Your theme will also let you serve a lot of country-style foods like homemade pies, pie pops, waffles, and donuts. Cupcakes, mini pies, and candy apples are also a few fun foods to serve.

Having a rustic wedding can be a wonderful nod to the country. It is a simpler way to go about it and a good choice if you want to avoid the over-the-top bling that most wedding planners want.