Finding the best Mitsubishi parts in The Gold Coast

Mitsubishi is a well-established and reliable Japanese automotive brand that has its largest markets located in Australia. Mitsubishi’s Triton and ASX are among the top-selling vehicles across Australia. It has a huge customer base in Australia; hence it enjoys a wide variety of aftermarket parts and accessories in addition to the OEM ones. 

Although it’s best practice to keep your Mitsubishi well maintained from a local Gold Coast Mitsubishi dealership and to only use genuine replacement parts, it’s not always the most cost-effective solution. 

When price is a factor, you can find other cost-effective used or new aftermarket parts from a range of other sources. Whether you’re located in The Gold Coast or even in other parts of Australia, you can find parts from aftermarket suppliers, local Mitsubishi wreckers, and even online sites like Fox-Listed. If you do plan to find parts from alternative sources, you need to take the following things into account to ensure you still get high-quality parts.


Find what is the exact part you need to replace in your Mitsubishi. Vehicle parts mostly come with part numbers inscribed on them, this helps part suppliers find the exact part to ensure proper fit. If you’re unable to find the part number, you can find it by calling Mitsubishi’s parts department for assistance. All replacement parts provided need to be compatible with your Mitsubishi’s model, year, and trim. 

Getting physical images of the part from the retailer or the seller can help ease this process as you can match the physical features on the part with the one installed in your vehicle to ensure the part’s compatibility.

Sellers Authenticity

To avoid getting ripped off, you should always look for authentic and licensed part suppliers. Be sure to check out the store or retailer’s online reviews. 

Type of parts

While getting parts from online retailers or sellers you would come across the following types of parts. We have explained what you are getting by opting for each type of part below.

OE or Genuine parts

These parts are original parts that are sourced from the manufacturer and have the automaker’s logo on them. 

OEM parts

These are also original parts similar to the ones that your Mitsubishi is equipped with. The only catch here is that these parts are sourced directly from the manufacturer to the retailer without the involvement of the automaker company in between. OEM parts might not come with the automaker’s company logo and can save you a few bucks when compared with Genuine or OE parts.


These are parts manufactured by third-party companies. Their performance varies from brand to brand. You can opt for third-party parts for added performance or for saving a few bucks.


Used parts are mostly sourced from Mitsubishi wreckers. Wreckers can mostly provide you the same OEM parts at less than half the original prices. These parts are expected to function just like the genuine ones and mostly have a good amount of service life left in them. You can get any parts from cosmetic interior panels to mechanical transmission in these wreckers for your vehicle. You need to be a bit cautious while buying used parts and must take a good look at the part for any noticeable damage or wear.


After you’re sure which part needs replacing, you can then compare the pricing from a range of sources. Additional costs such as shipping fees (if purchasing outside the Gold coast) and shipping duration can also be compared to find the best solution possible. Some retailers may provide free shipping options, extended warranties, and even installment payment plans like Afterpay. Ultimately this helps you find the solution that best fits your needs

After-sale services

Before placing the order go through the warranty and return policy of the retailer. Trouble-free replacement on warranty claims and product return on ordering the wrong product are things you should look out for when choosing the right retailer for your replacement parts.

Keep all the above points in mind while trying to finding the best parts for your Mitsubishi for affordable prices. There can be some trade-offs from supplier to supplier as some offer better costs, whereas others offer better warranties and return policies. Whatever the option you choose, provided the parts are of high quality, your Mitsubishi will be on the road for many years to come.