8 Ways Cloud Servers Can Help Your Organisation

If your organisation has yet to migrate its IT systems to the Cloud, you are missing out on a number of important benefits this highly distributed ecosystem has to offer. All of the major service providers now have multiple cloud servers in Australia, which means response times and accessibility are excellent in all parts of the country. Because of this, you can take advantage of everything the Cloud has to offer, without losing anything in terms of performance for the vital applications and services you use on a daily basis. Below, we have listed 8 of the most important benefits that cloud platforms have to offer businesses and public sector organisations in Australia.

8 reasons not to delay your cloud migration

Start planning your move to the Cloud now and you could soon be enjoying all of the following benefits it has to offer:

  • Automated data backup and recovery – All well-established cloud platforms include comprehensive data backup and recovery features. With these automated backup and recovery procedures in place, you don’t have to spend time and money organising your own.
  • Unlimited resources – For all intents and purposes, cloud platforms offer unlimited resources. With massive global networks that consist of thousands of cutting-edge servers in data centres across the globe, cloud service providers can offer you as much storage space and computing power as you need, at any time.
  • Lower IT operational costs – The flexible nature of cloud computing solutions means that you can scale resources down as well as up, in line with fluctuations in demand for services. This capability allows organisations to provision resources more accurately, giving you the opportunity to save money without negatively impacting the services you provide.
  • Smaller Carbon footprint – When you are only paying for the resources you really need and your IT systems reside on servers that are located in energy efficient data centres, you can reduce the size of your carbon footprint whilst maintaining the same level of IT services to all stakeholders.
  • Automatic updates – Applying security patches and upgrades to mission critical software can be both time consuming and difficult, especially for larger organisations with thousands of employees that are spread across a number of different locations. With a cloud platform, all this work is handled automatically by your service provider, leaving your IT team free to focus on other, more productive tasks.
  • Seamless software integration – Software in the Cloud is automatically integrated, which means you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues after you have migrated your data, applications and services.
  • Accessibility – The distributed nature of cloud ecosystems means that it is easy to access data from any geographical location, with industry-leading identity and access management features ensuring that security is not compromised in the process.
  • Consistent performance – The load balancing functionality of cloud platforms ensures consistent performance, even when there is a very high demand for IT services. If your organisation regularly encounters issues caused by a high volume of traffic, cloud servers could make a huge difference to your day-to-day operational capacity and performance.

With all of these benefits, it is not surprising that so many organisations have already migrated their systems to the Cloud. If you want to remain competitive in the future, it’s something your organisation should seriously consider too.