6 Ways You Can Encourage Team Spirit 

Team Unity Friends Meeting Partnership Concept

Team spirit is not just for the playing field. An attitude of teamwork and camaraderie will ensure that your employees are invested in working together to achieve one common goal. Here are six ways that you can encourage team spirit within the workplace.

1. Work Together, Play Together

The team that works together and plays together stays together. In order to cultivate an environment of teamwork, leaders need to be intentional about spending time together outside of the office. Perhaps you want to organize a company co-ed softball team? Or maybe you want to get monthly Friday happy hours on the calendar? However this looks for your organization, the goal is to find ways for people to connect outside of work.

2. Provided Branded Swag

Everyone loves a free goodie. Branded swag is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their contributions to the team effort. Because they feel valued, they will be more likely to work harder for their team. There is no shortage of fun and practical promotional items that you can give your workers. For example, custom drawstring bags are a functional giveaway that your employees will use regularly. 

3. Eat Lunch Together

One of the easiest ways to build teamwork within your workplace is to plan regular lunches together. Designate one day of the week when everyone will head out to a local favorite for lunch. Or keep it within company grounds and plan a brown bag lunch day where eveyone can gather at the same time to eat and build friendships.

4. Empower Employees to Make Big Decisions

People are more likely to feel like they are a valued part of a bigger unit if they are empowered to make important decisions. It is no surprise to learn that workers are less committed to their job if they do not feel as if their opinion matters. Instead, make sure that your employees feel involved by giving them the authority to make big decisions.

5. Plan Retreats or Workshops

Sometimes, you simply need to get out of the traditional office setting in order to bond. Retreats or workshops can be an invaluable tool in your arsenal of ways to encourage teamwork. These events should be both fun and educational. While there is a time and place for serious business, you should also plan for downtime for your employees to get to know each other better during these events.

6. Give and Share Praise

A savvy business leader knows that you should never withhold praise from your employees. Be sure to give praise lavishly for jobs well done. Recognizing your colleagues in a public way is a powerful motivational tool. You should also be sure to share praise that comes your way. This act of positive affirmation can have a profound effect on your bottom line.

These six tips will ensure that you are doing what you can to promote a spirit of teamwork within your organization.