5 Steps to Take After Totaling Your Brand New Motorcycle

It might be depressing and upsetting to experience the sad event of totaling your brand-new motorbike. Having knowledge of what to do after an accident, theft, or natural disaster helps reduce anxiety and guarantee that you manage the situation skillfully.

Assess the Damage and Safety Precautions

After totaling your brand-new motorbike, you should prioritize safety measures and determine the extent of the damage. To avoid more collisions or damage, if it is safe to do so, transfer your motorbike to a safe spot away from traffic. After making sure you’re secure, carefully inspect your motorbike to find out how much damage it has sustained. Make a note of any obvious damage to the engine, wheels, frame, or other important parts. It is best to wait for expert assistance to arrive rather than trying to start or move the motorbike if there is significant damage, a risk of fire, or other dangers. 

Document the Accident Scene

The next step after making sure you’re safe is to take detailed pictures of the accident area. Take pictures of your motorbike from various perspectives to show the damage it has incurred in the collision. To give a thorough visual record of the damage, make sure to include close-up photographs of any dents, scratches, or structural damage. Take pictures of the surrounding area, including the road conditions, any important landmarks, and traffic signs, in addition to any other vehicles involved in the collision. If there were any witnesses to the collision, make sure you have their contact details and inquire about their willingness to provide a statement regarding what they observed. When making an insurance claim or taking legal action, your case will be stronger the more evidence you can acquire at the scene. Keep in mind that any unfavorable weather or potential traffic dangers should also be noted, as these details can be important to your claim.

Consider Legal Options

If you think that the accident that destroyed your brand-new motorbike was caused in part by someone else’s carelessness or wrongdoing, you might be able to seek compensation beyond what your insurance will pay. To talk over your case and determine your legal alternatives, think about getting in touch with a knowledgeable Colorado motorcycle accident lawyer, if you reside there who focuses on motorbike collisions. An attorney can examine the specifics of your mishap, determine who is at fault, and counsel you on the best way to pursue damages for your losses and injuries. To ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive just compensation for your losses, it is advisable to have legal representation in the event of a personal injury lawsuit or settlement discussion with the insurance company of the party responsible.

Notify Your Insurance Company

As soon as you’ve measured the damage and taken pictures of the scene of the accident, you must contact your insurance provider. Get in touch with your insurance company and let them know about the collision, including the location and date of the incident and the degree of your motorcycle’s damage. Prepare to give your insurance company your policy number and any other pertinent information they may ask for. In accordance with the conditions of your policy, you might be eligible for reimbursement for any medical costs or other losses resulting from the collision in addition to coverage for motorbike repairs or replacement. In addition to assisting you with the claims procedure, your insurance provider might send an adjuster to evaluate the damage to your motorbike. To speed up the claims process, it’s critical that you completely cooperate with your insurance provider and supply any information or evidence that may be needed.

Obtain Repair Estimates or Replacement Value

The next step is to get repair quotes or figure out the replacement worth of your brand-new motorbike after informing your insurance carrier. If the damage to your motorcycle can be fixed, get quotes for the cost of repairs from respectable local motorcycle repair companies. Make sure the shop you select has expertise working with the make and model of your motorcycle and specializes in motorcycle repairs. Give the repair shops as much information as possible regarding the damage to your motorbike, including any pictures or records you may have taken at the time of the collision. After comparing the estimates you are given, select the repair company that provides the best value in terms of both fair prices and high-quality services. 


If you total your brand-new motorbike, it can be a difficult and upsetting experience. However, you can handle the aftermath of the accident more skillfully if you know what to do. You can safeguard your rights and seek the compensation you are entitled to by evaluating the damage, taking pictures of the accident scene, informing your insurance provider, getting repair estimates or figuring out the replacement value, and thinking through your legal alternatives.