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5 Essential Construction Tools for Contractors

As one of Australia’s most populous and popular cities, Brisbane has a bustling $146 billion economy that contributes significantly to the country’s overall economic development. Its stable position is highly attributed to the city’s competitive and progressive landscape that makes it attractive to investors. The construction industry, in particular, has proven to be resilient as an essential service, powering through its growth even in the face of crisis.

For the construction and industrial industry, having proper trade tools in Brisbane is crucial to getting the job done right. Construction work is no easy feat as it comes with significant risks and hence requires the right tools to not only make work more efficient but also improve the safety of workers. Below, you will find five essential tools that every contractor needs to make work easier and safer.


Drills are highly versatile and designed for various functions, mostly used to drill different sizes of holes and fasten or remove screws. For construction work, a heavy-duty power drill will be more suitable since it is built to last for long hours and can offer more precision. Nowadays, cordless versions are becoming increasingly popular as they allow for more convenience and ease of use.

Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixers are commonly used for constructing buildings as they are used to mix cement, water, gravel, stone, and other materials to make concrete. Over time, they have become essential among workers and contractors since they help save time and effort, getting the mixing job done automatically and without the need for manual labour. These mixers tend to look like large drums powered by electricity or gas to spin while mixing the concrete ingredients.


Ladders may be one of the more familiar trade tools in Brisbane, but when it comes to the construction trade, there are various kinds of ladders available for more specialised work. Essentially, they all have the same purpose, which is to allow contractors to reach high places and gain access to hard-to-reach areas. Some ladders are “one-sided” and have to lean on a pillar for support, while others can be stepped on from both sides.

Hand Saw

It may seem unusual to still need a hand saw when electrical saws are prevalent today. However, some jobs are still better done manually with hand saws, making them a staple for any type of construction work. Hand saws are generally used to cut wood, lumber, and other similar materials to specific sizes and shapes. Different kinds of saws are designed for specific purposes, with the circular saw being one of the most common types.


Ultimately, safety should be your top priority when doing construction work. Indeed, having a trusted safety helmet is extremely important for contractors and construction workers since it protects your head from possible falling debris and objects. These hard hats are specifically designed for construction safety, so they can also protect you from electric shock through the insulating material they are made from.

Having the right trade tools with you is important when working in the construction industry. Given the technicalities and complexities of the nature of the work, you must have the essential tools, which will come in handy no matter what type of job you are doing. Naturally, you have to be selective about the tools you get and make sure they are of good quality, so you can get maximum efficiency and safety.