4 Features to Consider When Buying Commercial Washing Machines

Deciding on the suitable commercial laundry equipment can be challenging. That’s because you are not just searching through numerous brands like Continental Girbau, but washers come with different features, capacities, and specifications that you should also consider. Furthermore, you’ll be dealing with numerous other to-do tasks linked to starting and running a laundry business.

To help narrow things down for you, here are four key features to search for when getting commercial washer equipment.

Cost and Financing

The first thing to consider for all business purchases is, of course, cost and financing. And commercial washing machine purchase is no exception. You may want to budget and appropriately plan for the investment. Also, you’ll need to look at how this purchase fits into your laundry business long-term plans.

Do your research and come up with a realistic budget. And be sure to adhere to your budget once you decide to make the specific laundry equipment purchase. If financing is an issue for you, consider talking to your commercial laundry distributor as many offer flexible financing options customized for laundry investors in support of this process.  Also, remember to look into the Continental Girbau, equipment warranties.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of commercial laundromat equipment you’ll need to purchase will depend on your facility and industry. The facility’s space will also influence the machines you buy. There’s no point in buying large capacity laundry washers if they’ll occupy more space than is available. If you’re building a new store or are unsure, seek help from a distributor in designing a functional laundry area for you, your customers, and your staff. Also, remember to consider expansion, future growth, and redesigning plans. Will the equipment still work as your laundromat business grows or in the remodeled space?

Eco-Friendly Features

Next, it’s important to note that utility costs are among the leading concerns that laundry business buyers are faced with. The more you lower the water and electricity expenses, the more successful and profitable your laundromat business will be. That’s regardless of whether it’s an on-premise, multi-housing laundry space, or coin laundromat store.

Even then, getting eco-friendly machines that can reduce water and electricity usage is something worth considering. You must consider whether your machines are over 5 years old since equipment technology and design improvements occur fast.


Today most organizations are opting for energy-efficient lighting and power-saving devices. And what most people don’t realize is that the same approach can be applied when shopping for washing machines too.

Most of the newest, industry-leading commercial washers are developed with a focus on energy efficiency. They feature precise energy-efficient programs that you can run a lot quicker thus reducing your costs per each use. What’s more, they also come with new technology that lowers the consumption of water and energy.

There are many factors to consider when you’re considering getting commercial washing machines beyond the four features discussed above. The key to ensuring you make a successful purchase is in purchasing state of the art laundry equipment that are within your specific business needs and convenience. All in all, ensure that you align your business needs and the purchase you make.